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Workers at renowned UK charity Oxfam to vote on strike authorization, after Oxfam and workers fail to agree on wage increases

The Culinary Workers Union and Bartenders Union in Las Vegas reach a tentative agreement with Caesars

The Andover School Committee and the Andover Education Association reach agreement, ending teacher strike

Tesla sues Swedish Postal Service over boycott

New online program used for union voting as video game workers successfully organized at a company owned by Microsoft

Labor unions in France plan to strike as French government raises the age of retirement

Layoffs in the tech industry continue as Microsoft announces plan to let go thousands of workers amidst economic fears

Fast food companies spending millions of dollars to block FAST Act, which would improve work conditions and wages for workers in California

Video game company Activision Blizzard to pay large settlement in SEC case regarding improper handling of employee complaints and whistleblower protection violations

NYC removes COVID vaccine mandate for its municipal workers, while police and firefighter unions sue the city for back pay