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Instruction Services

The Kheel Center supports Cornell University’s teaching by providing course-specific instruction sessions, general introductions to archival holdings, and workshops on the nature and use of primary sources.

We encourage Cornell faculty members and graduate students to contact us about incorporating our instructional resources into their teaching plans. We work with faculty members to prepare custom designed presentations based on original artifacts, as well as advanced student assignments that encourage the research use of primary materials.

Kheel Center staff can cover a wide range of topics pertaining to the history of work and labor relations in Twentieth Century America, including the role of gender, ethnicity, race, politics, and management in shaping the everyday experience in the workplace. Special topics such as Progressive Era reforms, the New Deal, the two World Wars, the Cold War, and globalization are supported by rich documentation. The materials are in a variety of formats, which include text as well as beautiful historical photographs and posters, audio recordings, film, and artifacts.

Please feel free to inquire about our holdings and our availability. We can give hands-on sessions in our reading room in Ives Hall, or conduct presentations in your classroom.

Please contact
Steven Calco
Kheel Center
227 Ives Hall
Ithaca, NY 14853-3901
(607) 255-3183