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Workplace Issues Today

Amazon workers at the company's largest air hub mobilize unionization effort and call for higher pay amidst the increasing demands of the busy holiday season

Workers sue furniture company, United Furniture, in class-action suit after entire workforce was fired overnight

Railroad unions return to the bargaining table with rail companies and potential strike action looms if no agreement can be made

Workers at the largest iPhone factory in China protest pay dispute and restrictive COVID policies

Delivery workers in the UK unsatisfied with Royal Mail's 'final' pay offer set to strike throughout the holiday season

US tech workers navigate a newly oversaturated job market in the wake of large layoffs

US cannabis workers unionizing for better pay as industry grows rapidly

In South Africa, thousands of government workers protest over labor contract negotiations and demand salary raises

Female business leaders share the importance of fostering transparent connections in an increasingly intergenerational workplace

Foreign workers in the US disparately impacted by Twitter and other big tech layoffs due to their temporary employment visas

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