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Duplication Services

The Kheel Center may provide duplicates (photocopies or scans) of materials from its collections subject to the following conditions:

  • The supplying of copies or permission to copy are granted as aids to research only and do not imply the right to publish or deposit with another institution. Individuals acquiring facsimiles in any form are responsible for copyright clearance. See the guidelines from Cornell University Library Collections.
  • Only materials that are in good physical condition will be duplicated. The Center reserves the right to refuse duplication orders if, in the opinion of the staff, the item would be harmed by the process, or the request is not in keeping with donor agreements or other restrictions.
  • Some collections may be restricted, and the material can only be accessed and/or duplicated with the express permission of the donor.
  • Entire collections cannot be duplicated.
  • Fragile documents MUST be copied by staff members ONLY. There is no additional cost for this service.
  • The use of personal scanners is conditional to the permission of the staff. Hand-held scanners are not allowed.

Duplication procedures

  • In-house copying is normally self-service. See the staff member on duty for instructions. Staff will copy items for Kheel Center visitors at additional cost.
  • Staff may also fill duplication orders that are requested by phone or e-mail, and will deliver the duplicates with an invoice

Digital Imaging

  • Scanning orders may be filled with existing image files or by custom scanning done in-house.
  • Scans can be made of items up to 8.5 x 14” in size.
  • Items too large to scan in-house may be sent to commercial agencies selected by the Kheel Center staff. The patron will be charged the full cost of shipping and reproduction plus handling fees.
  • Digital files may be provided by e-mail (up to four 300 dpi jpg files), transferred to your FTP site, or sent using Cornell University’s Dropbox service at no cost.

Sound and Moving Image Duplication

  • Standard audiocassettes, film, reel to reel, and VHS (1/2″) as well as UHF (3/4”) videocassettes are not duplicated in-house. The Kheel Center may provide duplicates of digital files.
  • When duplication services must be contracted with commercial agencies, the patron will be charged a flat fee based on type of medium, plus the cost of shipping and handling fees (see duplication fees for AV materials below).

Use of Digital Cameras

  • Researchers are allowed to bring their own digital cameras in the reading room for photographing unrestricted materials.
  • Please note that permission to photograph is subject to any donor-imposed restrictions and to copyright laws of the United States.
  • When other researchers are in the reading room please disable the flash and any feature that produces a loud sound.

Duplication fees

  • Please inquire about current digitization fees.