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Exhibit Loan Policy

The Kheel Center at Cornell University recognizes the educational value of providing access to its research collections by loaning materials to external institutions for their exhibits.

Loan requests will be granted depending on a number of factors, including whether the facilities and exhibit programs of the borrowing institution can guarantee the safety and security of the materials; whether Cornell faculty and students are expected to need the requested items for research and study; whether the exhibit is of major importance and the requested items are crucial to its success; whether staff time is available.

If loans are granted, the Kheel Center will require that the borrowing institution:

  • Submits a written request at least a year prior to the exhibit opening, specifying the location, title, and date of the exhibit and the full details of the requested item(s).
  • Submits a full facilities report.
  • Does not perform any conservation treatment on the item(s).
  • Does not alter the physical condition of the item(s) in any way.
  • Does not reproduce the item(s) in any format, and will not lend, donate, or otherwise share in any medium facsimiles of the item(s) without the Kheel Center’s permission.
  • Credits the Kheel Center, Cornell University, in exhibition labels and in descriptions of the accompanying online exhibit.
  • Donates to the Kheel Center one copy of any published catalog.
  • Assumes all costs of transportation, insurance, installation and de-installation, catalogs, and web exhibit.